I’m already tired of posting and it’s only my second post.

It’s not the time taken to post that’s the most wearisome, though that’s definitely part of it. It’s the consciousness and annoyance of having to account for every bit of food, every little activity done. Reminds me that most people don’t have to do this, and it makes me cranky because I do. Except of course I don’t know that I have to. It’s just the next distraction and possible thing that might help.

Anyway. The rest of today’s accounting:


  • Starbucks caramel coffee pod
  • Smoothie, banana
  • Veggie burger with lettuce, gf teriaki
  • 5 oz granola
  • Tbsp peanut butter
  • Clementine
  • Venti soy misto
  • starbucks dried fruit (mango orange strawberry)
  • cashews (Planters)
  • Raspberry chocolate coffee pod
  • Oatmeal packet (maple & brown sugar)
  • One blue corn chip
  • romaine/red lettuce/spinach salad with cherry tomatoes, carrot, Thai peanut dressing (GF). Maybe walnuts. I think there were walnuts.
  • Almost half a Daiya GF roasted pepper pizza
  • One piece of Applegate Farms black forest ham (it was a strangely carnivorous moment)
  • Lots of water. Some of it San Pelligrino

Drugs, 3PM: 4 IB, 1 vicodin, 1 skelaxin, 2 stool softner

Also took some of that Aloe Vera stomach stuff at 11:44PM. Sort of generally queasy but not sure why. Might be pain.

Activity: Finished sorting laundry, wrote a blog tour post, answered a lot of email. Took Anna to the barn (45 minute drive there and back). Wrote on laptop at barn sitting at round table on stool. Ran errands before and after. Left house at 3PM, got home at 8. Made dinner (pizzas/salad) and watched Catching Fire with Anna. In bed at midnight.

Symptoms: Leg was wonky all day, but got a lot better while I was at the barn. I think it was the shoes. I put on my orthopedic shoes to go down, and they felt great. I need to start wearing them even in the house. As I sit here now, my right wrist and elbow are sore, some general back, vague pain in back of left thigh, top of right foot, bottoms of feet. No numbness anywhere, just some odd sensations especially in right top of foot. Back got really sore at the barn working on laptop but rubbing shoulder blades on posts helped a lot. No allergy symptoms even though everything was really dirty.


I’m kind of amazed at how awake I feel even at this hour. Such a huge contrast to yesterday. I wonder if I got into something maybe at Chipolte, or if the hotel had mold/mites enough that it wore me down. Eager for the chiro tomorrow because my elbow is killing me. I think my arm might actually hurt a lot and I’m doing that pain blocking thing, but it’s enough that I’m nauseous.

Mentally pretty okay. I feel a bit blitzed–the thought of reading a book is more than I can take, though some of that may be story overload. Read Carly’s Voice this morning, wrote CTO this afternoon, watched Catching Fire. I think my brain is solitaire-only at this point.

I feel pretty good about the almost completely vegan day. That piece of ham felt vitally necessary, but it was enough for whatever it was I needed. I’m going to bed feeling full, satisfied, and pretty got. Tired but not exhausted. Thirsty, though. I feel like I could drink a lake.


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