Good Morning, Sunshine.

I set this post up last night so it would stare at me with that cheeky title in the morning and make me enter everything.


  • PM:Benadryl, IB (2), Zyrtec, Trazodone, stool soft, Singulair
  • AM: Zyrtec, SS

Food: Starbucks caramel coffee pod, Blueberry-kale smoothie + fish oil, Yogi Peach Detox tea

Sleep: 6 hours, uninterrupted, home

Symptoms: Right wrist very sore, aching arm to elbow and even above. Right top of foot still feels odd and I walk funny, but no discernible pain except for arm. Feeling pretty perky despite wishing I had more sleep. No sluggishness, no brain fog.


Initially this morning my thought is I wonder if the more-vegan diet will continue to help with the fog. I think it’s probably a low sugar thing. I’ve been putting maple syrup in my smoothie because I’ve been cutting out the second fruit, but I think with the kale leaves there’s so much fiber the sugar effect is nil. Also that it’s been four or five days in a row now of both smoothies and fish oil might be part of my success story.

That’s pretty much the sum of me right now. Feeling slightly tired but happy, no frustration this morning. Have chiro later and talk therapy at one, and picking up Anna at 2:50. Dan is folding laundry, so my greatest challenge today is feeding Anna and I for dinner and getting to all my errands. I’m feeling like I can shower now and alternate promo/background work with cranking out a few #1k1hr sessions. Probably want to take the time to stretch out my neck, legs, arms.

Really, really feeling like this chair is not my friend. I noticed yesterday in the car how much I liked sitting in the contoured seat of the Camry, how good that felt on my back and legs. I want to get that kneeling chair so much. I’m not sure what kind of help it will be, but I want to try it. The second a royalty check comes in, I’m all over that.



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