Potatoes: Not Good

A quick update because I figured something out, maybe. Plus I want to write up about the chiropractor. First, food and drugs since my last post:

Food: Cashews, granola, clementine, Canada Dry (plain), BBQ beef ribs, instant potatoes (with flax milk and EB marg), Hillary’s Quoina Bites, lettuce and GF soy sauce, Van Houtte french van coffee pod

Drugs: 2 IB

Symptoms: Almost nothing! Center of back right side, wrist still marginally sore but responds well to Blue Stop; right foot feels like it’s been through a war but recovering.


First, chiro: went at ten, and as Dan put it, “You sure got your $35 worth.” He adjusted a lot of my right side–ride hip, knee, foot, arm, some stuff up top, and then I told him my whole right side felt stupid, like it was only 80% on. I could lie there and feel the difference in neuro response between the two sides. He did some crazy thing with my skull (I go to an activator-only chiro) and right there on the table I felt increased sensation and control in my right side. He said “whoa” a lot while he worked up there, so I assume it was impressive, whatever my skull had done. Tomorrow I’m going to go back to have a laser thing done. I’ve had it done twice before and I’m getting that feeling like maybe something’s off and that would help. If not it’s cheaper than some of the other stuff I’ve gambled on. My other favorite thing about the chiro today was apparently my neck was all kinds of fucked, but I didn’t feel any pain, just slightly groggy. Which is a seriously nice shift. I’m saying the sugar reduction and anti-inflammatories is responsible.

So, potatoes.

I don’t know entirely what this means, but every instinct I have is that I’m on to something here. I wasn’t wildly hungry after my cashew-graonla-clementine snack, but I was tired and Dan was making lunch, so I said hey, make some of that rib stuff for me. I added instant potatoes to the meal, and made them up. Well, I wasn’t even five minutes out of the meal when I felt weird. I’d acknowledged it as hunger before, but as I sat there and thought about it, honestly it felt like bad wiring. But it was intense, this panicked sensation that I HAD to eat something else. I wanted a bowl of cereal, but I thought, that’s not going to help. So I ate a spoonful of White Chocolate Wonderful peanut butter, which was much like those Snicker commercials were people turn from classic bitchy divas to themselves. Of course, at this point I’d already started the four little quinoa bites, which now annoyed me because I wasn’t hungry but felt compelled to eat them. However when they were done, what I realized was I really, really wanted some lettuce in there. In fact all I wanted was a little quiona bite and a pile of lettuce. I could have eaten three times what I did, but that was what fit in the bowl. I drizzled some soy sauce over it and wolfed it down. I feel very normal now.

But there was something about those potatoes, or the meat or both, but my gut is on the potatoes. I think between the sugar in the BBQ and the potatoes basically acting like sugar, my system freaked out. And ironically wanted MOAR SUGAH. That peanut butter was a magic bullet because it had both sugar and protein or whatever it was in it that calmed me. The lettuce, though, was amazing. I wish I’d had a little BBQ with the lettuce. Or honestly just had a pile of lettuce and two more quiona bites.

The good news is I was all set to nap, but now I’m feeling fine and getting ready to work for a bit. But no more potatoes. And I’m keeping after that sugar.


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