The Password Is Vinegar.

This is totally homework, sitting down to blog tonight. Just had to get that off my chest.

Food: Starbucks quad venti soy latte, 3T apple cider vinegar, 1/2 1 c Angie’s politely sweet and spicy popcorn, granola, The Spice’s green GF curry, Tulsi Sweet Rose tea, 1 TBSP White Chocolate Wonderful PB

Drugs: Just now four IB and 1 Vicodin. Will take the usual cache at bed, but if I take it now I won’t stay awake through this post.

Activity: Ugh, today was a mess. Broken up schedule, and I was exhausted. Made the mistake of working between lunch and therapy, and mostly I didn’t work and didn’t rest, either. Napped in the car after therapy while I waited for Anna at school, then took her to the chiro. While I was there had him check my shoulder, which had fucked itself, again. Took another nap at home, in bed, for about an hour. Took Anna to the library, where I did some work, but mostly helped her. Ordered dinner (found money in my wallet!!! Lots!!!), picked it up, and ate it, then worked in the chair until I got my 2k on CTO for the day. Now heading to bed with my Kindle.

Symptoms: Felt awesome all day, but in the last hour my neck got sore. I think its mostly not liking being adjusted. Of course I’m looking up at all the sugar I had today and mostly being annoyed that this little sugar can cause inflammation, but between this and the potatoes, hello. Feet feel pretty good, if a little stiff. Hoping for some magic with the laser tomorrow but not counting on it.


The funny story I have for this evening is that this afternoon I had a batshit craving, and I solved it with vinegar. I was tired and waiting for Anna, and I fixated on Lay’s potato chips. I resisted because I didn’t think it was possible for there to be anything in them I needed, and tried to isolate the craving. Salt was part of it, but as I unpacked it I ended up thinking about vinegar, and the answer I got back was, “That would do.” So at home I put 3 TBSP or so of Bragg’s in a glass, added water, and took it in two shots. It’s kind of like taking a shot but less fun, and reminds me of pickles (a good thing). It totally killed the craving. I’m going to try that again the next time I’m weirdly fixating.

Had a lot of stupid cravings today but was rarely hungry. The curry for dinner was an obsession. I wanted it desperately, wanted all the flavors and tastes and veggies. I feel like a lot of my food fuckery today was exhaustion-based. Which, I don’t know why because I was only an hour short from the day before, but apparently that’s enough.

I really have been sleeping through the night, though, which is amazing. Even if I wake up to turn over I go back to sleep. I think the Benadryl totally helps that.

Oh, I should mention lip is a tiny bit puffy tonight. Which, whatever.

Was thrilled to realize how well CTO is coming along, and how well 2k a day is working for that story. I worry the pacing is all over, but mostly I feel like I need to get shit on the page right now. They are so adorable, though. I want to pinch their cheeks.

I’m too tired to put a pretty bow on this blog post. But vinegar. I’m doing that again. Maybe even pre-emptively.


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