In which the author lazily did not record her food and now pays the price.

I don’t know that I pay the price so much as I must attempt to recall everything, which means I will miss something. Hopefully this teaches me a lesson or something.


Food: Cashews, granola, Crunchmaster crackers and Oasis hummus (the IC stuff), Hilary’s quinoa bites, red and yellow pepper, red onion, crimini mushrooms, lettuce salad, Thai peanut sauce, Mom’s Best Naturals Crispy Cocoa Rice, Flax milk, GF oatmeal with granola, brown sugar, maple syrup, vanilla, White Chocolate Wonderful PB, Diet Rite

Drugs: None! None at all! Okay–except Vicodin and IB I’m remembering. Shoot. And Skelaxin. Okay, so I clearly need to write shit down tomorrow. Crap.

Therapy/Exercise: Chiropractic laser treatment. Some muscle in the front of my leg and the back of my neck, right side.

Activity: Computer. Lots of writing, blogging, TV watching with Dan, went to chiro, made lunch. Talked on phone.

Symptoms: Right now, awesome. Had lower back and leg pain all day, esp left. Got better after chiro but after icing I drugged to finish it off. Now feel fabulous. Slight soreness in upper back but that’s it.


Today’s big fail was not writing crap down. Today’s big win was that chiro laser, because I feel like maybe, hopefully, this could be the bullet I was missing. It was some cranial thing that fucked up all the conversations down my right side. I would put money on it coming back, but now I will ASK for it when that happens.

I really, really want to get back in the water at Mary Greeley. I want to get on the anti-grab treadmill. I want to build up strength and just do stuff. Part of it is I’m lazy, part of it is I’m scared it won’t work again or will somehow make it worse. But I’m going to make it my goal to call and schedule SOMETHING tomorrow. Even one day a week. Maybe I can make it my goal that if I go twice a week for three weeks I can have a two hour massage. Something.

Tomorrow is another day. In which I will write down what I eat and take for drugs.


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