Nobody Here But Us Fishes.

Food: blueberry-kale smoothie with fish oil, Butter Toffee coffee pod, Ginger Peach green tea

Drugs: overnight: Zyrtec, Benadryl, Singulair, SS, Trazadone. This morning: Zyrtec, prednisone (one)

Sleep: 7 hours, lots of waking during the night, intense dreams

Symptoms: Lip pretty swollen this morning. Responded to prednisone pretty quickly. Generalized soreness but nothing bad. Feet a little funky-feeling but not bad.


I’m kind of digging that there’s nobody here, really. I see some likes of posts and a few subscribers, but with my other blog at 2k and 60 hits after a week of not posting anything, this feels cool, like I’m off in the woods building a fort. I’m not sure how interesting this is, reading my food and health diary. At some point I’ll fess up to writing this, but I don’t anticipate people coming in droves, ever. Which feels awesome.

I have a day full of time ahead of me–an appointment later today, which can be flexible. Dan is off work today, which always means I’m tempted to go hang out with him instead of working, but what I might do is make a show or something part of a break.

First, though, I have to work. Which means I have to go back downstairs and get my headphones, or see if I could get Dan to bring them to me.


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