So tired. Much Exhaustion. Such disinterest in blogging. Wow.

Food: clementine, granola, Beeler’s ham, Cafe Milo soy au lait (huge mistake), several coffee pods, Tulsi sweet rose tea, chocolate chips (Enjoy Life) and WCWPB, several plain Canada Drys, Mexican casserole (I seirously need to write down the recipe, it was amazing) which was mostly peppers, some ground beef, and enchilada stuff with daiya, avocado, fake sour cream, cherry toms & lettuce, Vanilla Chex with flax milk. Lots of water.

Drugs: 4IB and Vicodin. I need to note that every day of this log I’ve taken Allegra in the afternoon but never write it down, except today I forgot to take it. Need an alarm.

Activity: Phone! Phone all damn day! Multiple convos of a minimum of two hours. No wonder I’m tired. Also took Anna to appointments, got stuff for dinner and got gas, made dinner, watched TV. No writing at all. Just phone.

Period: Day 1

Symptoms: Had sudden abrupt neck issue around 5:30. Had to lay down on neck thing and wait for drugs to kick in. Fine after, though still feel foggy. Arm slightly sore. Mostly good today though. Back a baby bit sore.


Mostly I’m really seriously wiped out and need to go to bed so this is perfunctory. But seriously that dinner. It could be vegan or paleo or just veg so easily. The peppers. The fucking peppers…


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