Neck Race

Today I feel sluggish and tired and I woke with my neck, the side he did all the laser on, throbbing. In the past this has meant I end up barely able to function by the end of the day.  We’ll see how this goes.


Food: blueberry kale smoothie with fish oil, coffee (I can’t remember what pod), granola

Drugs Overnight: Zyrtec, Trazodone, Singulair, Benadryl

Drugs AM: Zyrtec, 4IB, 1 sudafed

Symptoms: IB got pain, and sudafed seems to have helped swelling, but very head-foggy and fingers feel fat and unresponsive. Feel like I’m fighting mentally to focus, respelling a lot of words, mild aphasia. Turning my head is okay but staring at the computer is hell. Have urge to nap but am not really tired.


Tempted to lie on neck thing and watch some TV to see what that affects. Killer is I feel all foggy like I took Vicodin, two of them, but I’ve taken none.

Also tempted to take a prednisone, as I have this feeling it would help, but everyone is always on my case not to take it, and what if I need it tomorrow when I go to Iowa City? Better not.


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